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Healthy and organic meals have been on trend for a few years now, and the food industry has introduced innovative ways for people to consume healthy diet. But what’s getting quite the attention is one of the newer variants of one-dish meals called buddha bowls. It is a mixture of vegetables, grains, leafy greens, and beans. These bowls, offered by a Castle Hill Café, are tasty and keeps you full for long. Here’s more you should know:

Why are Buddha Bowls called so?

When you hear the name, you might wonder if this has got anything to do with Buddhism. Well, the name bears no relevance to the religion. Buddha bowls are called so because the dish resembles the big, round belly shape of Buddha. Buddha bowls could mean different things to different people. The term was coined by Martha Steward in her book meatless.

1. Pick Your Preferred Grains:

Although there aren’t any rules as to how buddha bowls must be made, it is mandatory to have a base. A Castle Hill Café usually gives you the following options – cauliflower rice, brown rice, sushi rice, and even mixed cabbage as well. The idea is to choose a base that is healthy, rather than relying upon processed ones, such as white rice and breads.

2. Make It Even Healthier with Protein:

You may already know that protein is required for building muscles. It also complements the calories produced from carbohydrates, so that your body gets adequate energy. Once you have chosen a base, opt for lean sources of protein. Some of the best choices include tofu, chickpeas, red or black beans, eggs, and more.

3. Go Lavish on Veggies:

As mentioned above, buddha bowls don’t have a stipulated/predetermined formula of ingredients. A typical buddha bowl provided by a health food store Castle Hill comprises a good selection of vegetables that are rich in essential nutrients and antioxidants. Nevertheless, you will have so many options to choose from. But be sure to create a balance with a variety of veggies. Cherry tomato, radish, cucumber, and kale are some great options worth considering.

4. Don’t Forget the Add-Ons:

Now that you have got the base, veggies, and extra protein ready, treat yourself with flavourful add-ons.  A nutrition station Castle Hill offering customisable buddha bowls will give you great choices, including avocado, wasabi, sweet potato, pickled ginger, seaweed salad, and more. So, get creative and add one or more of these special ingredients while building your one-dish meal.

Once you have chosen all your favourites, all you need to do is put them together in a bowl. But if you have got no time for grocery shopping, visit a food store nearby to get your very own delicious and wholesome buddha bowl. Build your own bowl and experience the goodness of fresh and sustainable produce. Healthy eating has never been this easy!