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yum yum yum, loved the acai but 3 stars cos it was hollow...
I was the only customer and waited about 15 mins for my coffee and toastie.
They made the coffee first while the other 2 staff members were washing or cleaning.
Staff unable to multi task.
Don’t be in a rush in you order here.
Really good tasting açai and granola however, there are a few complaints and disappointments. For $20, I was appalled to discover that the centre was hollow. The fruit servings were minimal and could’ve given a bit more honey since you had to pay extra for it. Didn’t come with passionfruit which was on the menu. Not worth it for the price.
For one to enjoy any food, it must be complimented with the experience. Harvest Bowl have it all. The menu is there for anyone to choose yet the staff have been given the authority to allow customers to tailor what they want to a certain extend which makes the whole experience even better. The staff and their customer service is second to none. Service is always delivered with a smile and you know it’s genuine. Another important part of this business is ownership. This was an order of mine where a mistake was made and the staff/person apologised as due to an allergy I could not consume my order, yet without hesitation, after explaining the matter to the owner, a replacement was done for free plus my initial order was also refunded. It wasn’t just the gesture but taking care of the customer that stood out most for me. Hence I continually support it apart from me always wanting to support your local businesses.

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